Warm Cheesy and Good

MsCheeziousWho doesn’t like great grilled cheese? Ms Cheezious has been creating delicious grilled cheeses for a while as a food truck and now recently, they’ve opened up a brick and mortar in the MiMo area of the city. The space is cool and has an incredible backyard area and space for great entertainment and food. If you get the chance to visit, try their amazing Caprese Melt. Warm, savory and buttery delicious!


Seared Ahi Tuna

JimmyZJimmy’z Kitchen really has a great concept and simple idea. Good food, exceptional taste and great laid-back atmosphere. My favorite dish is the Seared Ahi Tuna with jasmine rice, avocado and tomato salad. The soy ginger dipping sauce is tangy and pairs great with the dish. They also have a great choice of beers and wine. The guava cheesecake is outstanding.

Cajun Pork Sandwich

ImageSugar Reef Grill in Hollywood Florida sure serves a good Cajun Pork Sandwich. Freshly made Mango relish over Cajun style pork seasoned to perfection. With tomatoes, lettuce and a dab of mayo. Home fries come as a side to compliment your sandwich. One thing to know is that this was a special of the day and not on the regular menu. But I’m sure you will be happy with any of the other choices on their menu.

Good Fresh Subs in SOBE

TurkeySubSimple, good  subs on a baguette is what I’m talking about. Le Sandwicherie on Miami Beach is always crowded but you can get your sandwich quickly. Catch some interesting people while you order yours. My Turkey sandwich has all the fresh toppings you can ask for. Pick up a few and head to the beach or after a great swim come by and pick one up. This place has been here since 1988 and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Indian on The Island

TikkaMasalaChicken Tikka Masala! This savory dish made of boneless chicken pieces cooked w/ cream, fresh tomato sauce, onion, green pepper and indian spices was unbelievably good. I really enjoy Indian cuisine and this little restaurant in the middle of Key Biscayne got my vote. It’s called Ayesha which is in a strip mall. The service felt like being at someones home for dinner. Will be back.

Florida Fresh Clams

clams, steamed, smoked, tomato, grilled, bread, lemon, aioli, morita

This amazing dish was one of the dishes we learned how to make during our Edge Steak & Bar Popup Cooking Class Series with Chef Aaron Brooks. It was really a wonderful treat and easy to make. The outstanding citrus and buttery taste of this dish was well balance and tangy! The grilled bread complimented the sauce and captured the smoky taste of the smoked tomatoes. Truly a winner!