Brunch Buns to Make You Happy!

This coming Sunday try to stop by Khong River House for a great brunch! These rotisserie pork buns are warm and tangy with a little kick. They come with fresh cilantro, cucumber, house made pickles and a spicy vinaigrette on a soft fresh steamed bun. They go well with any of their bottomless bar drinks too.

The Amazing Thai Salad

This colorful scrumptious Thai salad was a real treat! The fresh Florida shrimps, mint, red Thai basil, slivers turnip, red onions with crispy rice exploded in my mouth with flavor. Making this simple salad was fun at the Edge Restaurant at the Four Seasons in Miami. Chef Aaron Brooks gives these amazing themed classes every month…

Meat Eaters Love it Too!

Who doesn’t like curry chicken or beef? Amazing flavors of sweet curry, peppers, onions all sautéed over steamed brown rice. And don’t forget the tofu! Yes tofu is the protein part of this traditional Thai dish. It’s  fresh and not too heavy for a good lunch at Pao Town in Coral Gables.  

Authentic Thai in my Neighborhood

This authentic dish was introduced to me by my sweet friend Sharone! She took me to a real authentic Thai restaurant called Panya Thai in North Miami. The dish is called Chicken Larb. It was a great blend of onions, basil, lettuce and tangy sauce that was fresh and delish! What I mostly loved was…

Khao Soi Gai/Chicken Noodle Curry

A wonderfully aromatic dish that has the right amount of spices and taste! Khon River House is where this amazing plate is found. It consist of Burmese and Northern Thai-style egg noodle with chicken in coconut milk and turmeric broth served with fresh shallots, pickled mustard greens and roasted red chili.