Sweet, Light and Sexy!

This amazing sweet and crispy dessert called Sfogliatina Di Caramello was a great end to a lovely James Beard menu by Carla Pellegrino at Touché Miami. It consisted of orange curd Chantilly with fresh raspberries and frizzy lime. It’s always a pleasure to dine and enjoy great drinks at this lovely and sexy rooftop restaurant in the…

Callas Cakes

If you come to New Orleans you must try this blend of sweet spices, long grain rice, deep-fried and dusted with powdered sugar, served with maple syrup. It’s a recipe that dates back to the mid 1800’s and still being served at the Old Coffeepot Restaurant. And try getting a solo acapella from the waitress…

Kaninchen Wurst

This deliciously prepared rabbit sausage was very savory and rich with flavor. The sausage was accompanied by sweet onion puree and garlic chips. Oak Tavern in the Design District in Miami serves it well. With a nice cold draft beer, I was set for the evening.

Chihuahua! Yummy Tacos!

We are all familiar with Pollo al Pastor but are you familiar with Huahua’s Taqueria’s version? Charred pineapple, cilantro, onion, lime crema in a warm tortilla is perfect. You get all the flavors as you enjoy every bite of this taco. Don’t forget to get the Elote grilled Mexican Sweet Corn. It’s to die for.

Salty, Nutty, Sweet and Warm!

This is just an all around make your day dessert! Warm and delicious, melting as you take your first brownie piece away. Sprinkled with 5 different nuts to give it that texture and flavor that will make you crave it again and again. You might get lucky if you live near a Hillstone restaurant. That’s…

Lady Finger Licking GOODness!

Sweet, light and chocolaty is this well presented dessert. It’s like fondue but you have all these crispy and sugary lady fingers to dip into a sweet bitter chocolate sauce. On top you have a light and fluffy milk chocolate meringue that sweetens the dip! It was a sure way to end a nice lunch….

Dulce de leche Panacotta

Sweet Friday lunch. It’s what we love about the end of the week. And to end it sweetly we found an amazing Dulce de leche Panacotta at Caffe Vialetto in Coral Gables. It’s on there Coral Gables Restaurant Week menu. Very creamy custard that’s not to sweet but perfectly flavored with dulce de leche. An amazing…

POPlicious POPs

What a combination for a delightful sweet treat! Crunchy fresh and tasty pistachios stuck to dark chocolate on original tart yogurt! I had the chance to taste this amazing treat at ChatChowTV second year anniversary. Everyone was talking about how fun and delicious they where. Handcrafted by HipPOPs locally in Miami.