Frida’s Secret is Out!

Frida’s Secret is this amazing dessert at Loba Restaurant in MiMo. The dessert has so many wonderful layers of flavors and textures. It’s a Mexican chocolate brownie, azucar! sweet corn ice cream, chocolate corn flakes. It’s a bit spicy, but perfect with the rest of the flavors combined. So now that you know the secret, come in and…

Beer and Florida Alligator Bites!

Good craft beers that will surprise you and make an expert a novice! Kush by Lokal is a one stop beer aficionado spot that also has a menu to go with it. The Florida alligator bites are fried and seasoned with Old Bay and the creamy garlic and spicy mayo for dipping is good. The best part is that this…

Cincinnati Chili, w/ Cornbread

Family traditions are always great and when it comes to food it’s better. When it’s cold outside and warm inside this bowl of Cincinnati Chili with cornbread will warm you up. With a bit of a kick and secret ingredients, you can really dip this colorful cornbread into a hardy meal. Over angel hair pasta…

I Feel Crabby Today!

Not really! But I did enjoy this homemade crab cake appetizer made by my Babes. It was layered with pineapple, cucumber slice, mint leaf, spicy pepper cream sauce with a dab of guava on top. It was savory, spicy and sweet. The cucumber refreshed my palate and I was in heaven. Actually I went for seconds!!

Tastiest Popcorn Without a Movie!

OMG! Flavor with a every bite and oh so satisfying! Popcorn shrimp with house-made Napa kimchi & pickle, jasmine rice & bibb with scallions. Go hungry because you want to eat it all. The shrimp is pretty plump and together with the jasmine rice and sauce really blends well. Try it with one of their…

Fresh Buns!

Can’t get enough of these Tempura Rock Shrimp Buns! Freshly made with creamy cole slaw, panko tomato, pickled cucumber, spicy aioli. Machiya Modern Japanese Cuisine in Midtown Miami makes them so good and flavorful every time.

Brunch Buns to Make You Happy!

This coming Sunday try to stop by Khong River House for a great brunch! These rotisserie pork buns are warm and tangy with a little kick. They come with fresh cilantro, cucumber, house made pickles and a spicy vinaigrette on a soft fresh steamed bun. They go well with any of their bottomless bar drinks too.

Babes Homemade Stuffed Pepper

Last night dinner was such an amazing surprise! My Babes made this Mexican stuffed yellow pepper with fresh guacamole and spicy salsa. The different layers of flavors combined with the beautiful colors and textures was amazing. It was surely an amazing dinner. YUM! YUM!

Spicing it up Before Lunch

Tempura Calamari with a delicious spicy marinara sauce was a great start to lunch at Caffe Vialetto in Coral Gables. Light and crunchy and decorated with black tasty sesame seeds made this dish pretty. Can’t wait for the rest of my lunch today!