Seared Ahi Tuna

Jimmy’z Kitchen really has a great concept and simple idea. Good food, exceptional taste and great laid-back atmosphere. My favorite dish is the Seared Ahi Tuna with jasmine rice, avocado and tomato salad. The soy ginger dipping sauce is tangy and pairs great with the dish. They also have a great choice of beers and wine….

Easter Lunch at my Brother’s House

Easter this year was simple and non-traditional at our families Easter lunch. My brother made this rosemary roasted Cornish hen with ratatouille style vegetables and a cucumber and apple balsamic glazed salad. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Pan Seared Scallops

So buttery, so creamy, so well prepared. They where made with granny smith apples, watercress salad & white balsamic vinaigrette. I was really impressed how well the granny smith apples made the dish flavorful. City Lobster and Steak in NYC near Radio City Music Hall has outstanding service, good drinks and a satisfying menu.

Pan Seared Grouper

This well prepared dish was absolutely delicious. The grouper was very light, flaky and seasoned perfectly. It was prepared with roasted pepper salad with goat cheese malanga mash with a shrimp bisque sauce that is uniquely theirs. Check out Brasileiro Steak House in Miami. You wont be disappointed.

Fresh Seared Tuna Salad!

I love fresh Ahi tuna and when paired with mangos, avocados and mixed greens there is no stopping me. Hailstone makes a very good Sashimi Tuna salad that’s perfectly seared and fresh. I always enjoy my lunches here and this delicious salad always fits the bill.

The Amazing Thai Salad

This colorful scrumptious Thai salad was a real treat! The fresh Florida shrimps, mint, red Thai basil, slivers turnip, red onions with crispy rice exploded in my mouth with flavor. Making this simple salad was fun at the Edge Restaurant at the Four Seasons in Miami. Chef Aaron Brooks gives these amazing themed classes every month…

Colorful Salad Just in Time for Summer!

I’m a crazy man for cool refreshing tomatoes that are plump and bursting with flavor. The color of these tomatoes also enhance the experience of this lovely simple salad. Great for sharing before a lunch or just on its own for one. Fresh heirloom tomatoes with Japanese cucumbers, cilantro and red onions in a vinagrete…

Spicy Calamari Salad

This spicy colorful salad dish is the one to get at Miss Saigon Bistro in Coral Gables. It’s fresh and tangy and the flavors pop from beginning to end. The vegetables are fresh and full of flavor. The calamari was seasoned well and it was a good portion. I really recommend this salad for people who are bored of…