Thit Kho

If you are ready for a real traditional Vietnamese dish in Little Havana you should try Hy Vong. This restaurant has been here since 1980 and it seems that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The Thit Kho dish is a pork stewed in coconut milk. They serve it with a side of warm rice. Check…

Garganelli Bolognese

Ground veal, venison, pork, porcini mushrooms and parmesan come together in this appetizing dish. The parmesan shavings on top are fresh and with the blend of the meats and  pasta it becomes an instant hit! Where else can you get this dish but MC Kitchen in the Design District.

Brunch Buns to Make You Happy!

This coming Sunday try to stop by Khong River House for a great brunch! These rotisserie pork buns are warm and tangy with a little kick. They come with fresh cilantro, cucumber, house made pickles and a spicy vinaigrette on a soft fresh steamed bun. They go well with any of their bottomless bar drinks too.

Pubbelly-style Taqueria

So the guys at Pubbelly are at it again with this pop-up only lunch Mexican fare at the PB Steak space. These tacos are Al Pastor style with pineapple, onions, tomatoes, marinated pork, wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. They come on a warm plank that keeps them nice and warm. In addition, they have…

Oink Oink Good!

A great way to change-up the old Cuban pork sandwich is to visit Bread + Butter in Coral Gables. It’s called the Pan con Lechon. The name is very familiar but what’s inside makes it brand new. Cured pork shoulder, Bau bun, mojo criollo with pickled garlic. Let’s make this the new traditional Cuban pork sandwich!

Mofongolicious is what it is!

This flavorful and textured dish will make you go Latin! It consist of fried green plantains mashed to perfection with garlic and a drizzle of olive oil. You can have it with pork rinds (traditional) or in this case, shrimp in a creole sauce with a kick. What’s amazing about this dish is that it’s always consistent…

Soft Mexican Tacos

Why get fast food Mexican tacos when you can sit down and munch on the real thing for about the same price! These awesome original tacos are from Mi Rinconcito Mexicano located on 8 street in Miami. They come in a variety of different meets to satisfy anyone. You get three to an order and…