Italian Wedding Soup

For those cold evenings and the need for good comfort food I came across this great recipe from Blue Apron. With fresh ingredients like baby spinach, parsley, carrots, ground chicken and fregola sarda (a Sardinian pasta) it was truly good. Simple flavors and rich ingredients made this a very tasty and hardy soup.

Garganelli Bolognese

Ground veal, venison, pork, porcini mushrooms and parmesan come together in this appetizing dish. The parmesan shavings on top are fresh and with the blend of the meats and  pasta it becomes an instant hit! Where else can you get this dish but MC Kitchen in the Design District.

Afternoon Delight!

Crispy golden fries with a drizzle of truffle oil, shaved Parmesan cheese and lightly salted. Can this be the best tempting side dish anywhere? It was the only dish we all kept picking at. Actually it was the last dish our waiter removed from our table. That good! If you try MC Kitchen in the Miami Design District…