Entertainment and a Meal

An evening full of surprises is what Ted’s at YoungArts is all about. You get a unique ambiance that touches all your senses. From the brilliant video walls that surround you to the eclectic vibe that captivates you, is just the start. The menu is simple and easy to digest. I tried the Lamb Kofta with…

Hungry For a Lamburger?

Usually it’s one of my favorite burgers to have. Mandolin Aegean Bistro with its vacation feel interiors really makes this burger amazing. The tomatoes, lettuce and grilled onions sit on top of Kefalograviera cheese. No ketchup needed here. Wash it down with their specialty Aegean Sangria and you will surely be on vacation while eating here.

Haven Lamburger

This amazing lamb burger slider is extraordinary. From the first to the last bite I was convinced that this was a great burger. Lavender-coriander fennel slaw and ouzo mustard made me enjoy each bite so much more. This lamb burger is truly a wonder treat at this cool and exciting lounge on South Beach. Haven Lounge with its small…

Tasty Lamb Dish

Lamb dishes are one of my favorites but hard to find. The Eating House in Coral Gables is a small but busy restaurant that has many interesting and good dishes. The Lamb Neck dish has masa arina ‘grits’, radish, burnt lime with pearl onions and plantains. The lamb is prepared nicely and the sauce really compliments the…

Mediterranean Sliders WHAT?!

Love Mediterranean food and Mina’s Mediterraneo just might be my new hangout. I tried their sliders and the best part, you can actually try all of them on one extraordinary dish. The Falafel, the grilled chicken, the Gyro and the Lamb burger all come together with dipping sauces to add zest and flavor to every…

A Good Lamburger

When you’re hungry and want a good burger but you are tired of the same old boring beef burgers try one of these amazing lamb burgers at The Perfect Pint! Incredibly laced with fresh herbs & spices, pepper-jack cheese, tzatziki sauce. Finish it with the perfect pint and you’ll be set.

Grilled Lamb Sausage

Brunch! Did I say unique, tasty and eye awakening plate! A combination of the perfect golden cheesy bread with grilled lamb sausages and eggs sunny side up with crispy home fries to frame it. Blue Collar is where to go for brunch or whenever you are ready for a good meal.