Penne With Meatballs

This traditional Italian dish is usually made with spaghetti but I decided to try it with their homemade penne. I find it easier to eat with the penne pasta. Well I was right! Not that it was a hard dish to devour but that the combination was delicious! The fresh tomato sauce with the large meatballs where…

Meatball Heaven

Want to get a good meatball? You get three to an order and they come out hot and delicious. The sauce is perfect for dipping your bread and the meatballs are well seasoned sprinkled with cheese. It’s on their snacks section on the menu at Harry’s Pizzeria!

A Better Pizza

This delicious and unique pizza is totally an amazing experience. The slow roasted pork with the fig combination is delicious. With onions, Fontina cheese and arugula really makes this pizza unique. Harry’s Pizzeria in Buena Vista near the Design District makes a couple of really good pizzas to choose from. They also have local beers too.

Home is Where it’s at!

I love-making dinner that takes you back to when you where a kid! Making pizza is always a favorite dinner option that we enjoy. On the top rack the left pizza has Basil, Red Bell peppers, Portobello mushrooms, pork sausages, chives and sprinkled with a blend of Italian cheeses. The one on the top right…

A Plate to Enjoy!

At Salumeria 104 this delicious plate has a way to start conversation before a good red wine. Piccola Selezione is a fine way to do that. Choice of proscuitto and two salumi with Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Toscano cheeses.