Frida’s Secret is Out!

MexicanDessertLobaFrida’s Secret is this amazing dessert at Loba Restaurant in MiMo. The dessert has so many wonderful layers of flavors and textures. It’s a Mexican chocolate brownie, azucar! sweet corn ice cream, chocolate corn flakes. It’s a bit spicy, but perfect with the rest of the flavors combined. So now that you know the secret, come in and try it!


Exploding Egg Roll!

EggRollDim Sum lunch has never started so spectacular! Black Brick in Midtown Miami showcases this delicious shrimp with local vegetables and a tangy pumpkin, sweet & sour dipping sauce egg roll. The rest of the meal comes with pork & shrimp dumplings, hot tea and for dessert an Azucar Ice Cream with Wife Hales’ fortune cookie. Will come back!

Why Wait For Summer!

ImageSo have you tried HipPops handcrafted gelato bars? Check their schedule on the website to see where they will be appearing next! The variety of flavors are delicious and dipping them in dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate and covering them with one of their Popping options is tremendous and fun! Love these POPs!

Love Mochi Ice Cream

MochiThese amazing delicate and flavorful ice creams are really wonderful. The creamy exterior has a delightful texture that’s made of pounded sticky rice and come in such pretty colors. The three flavors are strawberry, green tea, and red bean flavor. They really beat the typical Thai Donut dessert that everyone gets at Asian restaurants. If you are on a date I really recommend you try Shokudo in the Design District. Great service and the space has a Zen feel to it. Enjoy!

Stout Ice Cream NOW!

StoutIcereamSurprise it is! Refreshing and flavorful ice cream made with banana, fudge sauce and imperial stout ice cream with chocolate shavings and peanuts. At first you get this wonderful creamy chocolate flavor followed by this wonderful stout finish. The bananas and fudge frame the bottom of this curios ice cream. Try Box Park in Miami and don’t forget to order from their seasonal menu. Great service and the decor is amazingly simple.

Enjoy Summer’s Last Weekend With Ice Cream!

AzucarCool and creamy with flavors that bring you back memories of the good old days. Coffee with Oreos or maybe Nutella to really get you going. Azucar Ice Cream Company has the right flavor for your summer heat wave. Suzy Batlle is the mastermind behind these creative flavors. Her Abuela Maria is the bomb and if you are going to try any flavor this is the one. ENJOY!

Salty, Nutty, Sweet and Warm!


This is just an all around make your day dessert! Warm and delicious, melting as you take your first brownie piece away. Sprinkled with 5 different nuts to give it that texture and flavor that will make you crave it again and again. You might get lucky if you live near a Hillstone restaurant. That’s where I end up when I crave this sweet tooth killer!