Seared Ahi Tuna

Jimmy’z Kitchen really has a great concept and simple idea. Good food, exceptional taste and great laid-back atmosphere. My favorite dish is the Seared Ahi Tuna with jasmine rice, avocado and tomato salad. The soy ginger dipping sauce is tangy and pairs great with the dish. They also have a great choice of beers and wine….

Simple Sushi at Its Best.

When I get that craving for good and simple sushi Akashi Japanese Restaurant in South Miami gets it right. All the ingredients are fresh and delicious. The lunch menu is easy and serves it up well with great combinations to choose from.

Soy Marinated Salmon

My Babes really knows how to make a mean salmon dish! He prepared it with light soy, fresh ginger, orange zest and a balsamic glaze reduction. He went on to compliment this rich flavored dish with simple wild rice and steamed vegetables. Healthy and delicious!

Tasty Shrimp at The Guinea Club Dinners

I am so excited to be part of The Guinea Club dinners at Addy-licious Kitchen! This group of foodies get together and enjoy amazing dishes from all around the world. Addy creates these amazing and sometimes 5-7 course meals that last 4-5 hours long. Her partner Dawn entertains us with refreshing libations. This Spicy Salt-and-Pepper Shrimp dish that…

Shu Mai Shooter

Good Dim Sum is always tricky but not at RedFarm in NYC. These Scallop & squid dumplings with carrot ginger bisque where unbelievably tasty. You basically take a bite of the dumpling and take a shot of the bisque to bring the two flavors into your mouth. Loved them and can’t wait to go back…

Fresh Seared Tuna Salad!

I love fresh Ahi tuna and when paired with mangos, avocados and mixed greens there is no stopping me. Hailstone makes a very good Sashimi Tuna salad that’s perfectly seared and fresh. I always enjoy my lunches here and this delicious salad always fits the bill.

Chile Lime Ginger Beef Jerky Homemade

This full of flavor and colorful beef jerky is completely homemade. The beef was marinated for 16 hours to perfection and than dehydrated for that perfect consistency that makes it good. The flavors of lime and ginger combined with the beef makes it desirable by many! This was made by my friend Gio who is…