Better than Potato Chips.

Whenever you go to a Cuban restaurant and don’t know what kind of appetizer to order, try these banana chips called Mariquitas. They come with a mojo sauce that works really well with these golden sweet and crispy treats. You can find them at Little Havana Restaurant in North Miami.

Beer and Florida Alligator Bites!

Good craft beers that will surprise you and make an expert a novice! Kush by Lokal is a one stop beer aficionado spot that also has a menu to go with it. The Florida alligator bites are fried and seasoned with Old Bay and the creamy garlic and spicy mayo for dipping is good. The best part is that this…

Tasty Shrimp at The Guinea Club Dinners

I am so excited to be part of The Guinea Club dinners at Addy-licious Kitchen! This group of foodies get together and enjoy amazing dishes from all around the world. Addy creates these amazing and sometimes 5-7 course meals that last 4-5 hours long. Her partner Dawn entertains us with refreshing libations. This Spicy Salt-and-Pepper Shrimp dish that…

Venison Chili to Crave!

This month Chat Chow hosted event at Macy’s was a crowd pleaser.  The Federal Food Drink & Provision was the guest restaurant. They had breakfast, lunch and dinner in their arsenal of recipes.  The star dish was their dinner recipe of Venison Chili over Grit Fries. The chili was made with cumin, caramelized onions, garlic, beer and a…

Kaninchen Wurst

This deliciously prepared rabbit sausage was very savory and rich with flavor. The sausage was accompanied by sweet onion puree and garlic chips. Oak Tavern in the Design District in Miami serves it well. With a nice cold draft beer, I was set for the evening.

My Brother Creates Appetizing Potatoes

These potatoes were flavored with virgin olive oil, baby carrots, garlic and lemon leaves! It was part of my weekend at my brothers’ house. I brought him herbs that I got at my Thai inspired cooking class at the Edge Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel in Brickell. They were amazingly delicious!

Oink Oink Good!

A great way to change-up the old Cuban pork sandwich is to visit Bread + Butter in Coral Gables. It’s called the Pan con Lechon. The name is very familiar but what’s inside makes it brand new. Cured pork shoulder, Bau bun, mojo criollo with pickled garlic. Let’s make this the new traditional Cuban pork sandwich!

Mofongolicious is what it is!

This flavorful and textured dish will make you go Latin! It consist of fried green plantains mashed to perfection with garlic and a drizzle of olive oil. You can have it with pork rinds (traditional) or in this case, shrimp in a creole sauce with a kick. What’s amazing about this dish is that it’s always consistent…