Tres Leches for Dessert!

After enjoying an amazing burger at LoKal Restaurant in Coconut Grove there is nothing better than to have their Tres Leche dessert. The 3 types of milk are served with an amazing cake topped with fresh berries and bananas. On top of the fruit there is a milk marinade, caramel and fresh whipped cream. They also have…

Grand Charcuterie Board

An exceptional charcuterie board at Root in New Orleans was outstanding. The Chef’s selection of house-made sausages and seasonal accouterments where outstanding. Framed with pickles and pickled fruits where very tasty. The Pâté de Campagne was extremely flavorful and creamy which went really well on top of the flatbread that was part of the board….

Key Lime in The Keys

House made Key Lime pie at Marker 88 Restaurant in Islamorada in the Keys is sooooo good. Made fresh daily and topped with meringue is truly what many come down for. The crust is very tasty and the fruits are ripened and perfect. When you travel to the Keys stop by and try one at…

Sangría Blanca on Friday

Delicious and surprisingly flavorful! A traditional drink with a twist at Bulla Gastropub in Coral Gables. The twist is cava, a Spanish sparkling wine. In addition the drink has peach schnapps, triple sec, strawberries and blueberries. Refreshing indeed.

Red Sangria with fruit

Always a refreshing way to gather friends and talk about the weather. Refreshing and full of tasty fresh fruits to add to the mix. Love Sangria.