Lettuce Wrapped Burger

Love the old classic burger. 8oz Chef’s blend of freshly ground steaks topped with Romaine Lettuce, Tomato & Red Onion is all I need on my burger. Vegas Burger Bar in North Miami is a good spot to grab one. The menu also serves a good list of beers. Check them out and see which burger takes…

Burger LOVE!

I love sliders because of their size and taste. Latin House Grill makes them flavorful and very creative! All their burgers have their own twist. This particular burger is called the Cuban. It has dulce de guayaba marmalade and queso blanco. No ketchup needed here! Great stuff. Oh, and don’t forget to have one of their beers on tap.

Hungry For a Lamburger?

Usually it’s one of my favorite burgers to have. Mandolin Aegean Bistro with its vacation feel interiors really makes this burger amazing. The tomatoes, lettuce and grilled onions sit on top of Kefalograviera cheese. No ketchup needed here. Wash it down with their specialty Aegean Sangria and you will surely be on vacation while eating here.

BBQ Pulled Pork Melt

If you love food trucks and grilled cheese check out Ms Cheezious. They have an amazing BBQ pulled pork melt that will surely satisfy your buds. The pulled pork is rich in flavor and juicy! The sharp cheddar cheese on that buttery Texas toast makes it even better. With a side order of fries and you are…

Home Cooked Meal!

There’s nothing better than getting home to a great dinner. Butternut squash soup with jumbo diced shrimp with basil. Parsnip baked fries served with a curry cream blue cheese dip. Five cheese artisan bread with white truffle oil. Delish!

Venison Chili to Crave!

This month Chat Chow hosted event at Macy’s was a crowd pleaser.  The Federal Food Drink & Provision was the guest restaurant. They had breakfast, lunch and dinner in their arsenal of recipes.  The star dish was their dinner recipe of Venison Chili over Grit Fries. The chili was made with cumin, caramelized onions, garlic, beer and a…

Afternoon Delight!

Crispy golden fries with a drizzle of truffle oil, shaved Parmesan cheese and lightly salted. Can this be the best tempting side dish anywhere? It was the only dish we all kept picking at. Actually it was the last dish our waiter removed from our table. That good! If you try MC Kitchen in the Miami Design District…