Crudo Love


My newest adventure in dining has been La Savina restaurant at the Mondrian South Beach. With it’s unique lobby with its interesting black staircase makes your experience an Alice in Wonderland trip. The La Savina restaurant is design just as amazing. From the gorgeous Eames Dowel-Leg chairs to the great Biscayne Bay views is enough to make you feel excited about dinner or breakfast. The Crudo’s on their menu are truly fresh and delicious. I recommend to try them all. The Tuna is extremely fresh and beautiful in color. It’s made with romesco and cilantro to really bring out the flavor. The dining experience and the service was excellent!


Penne With Meatballs

PastaMeatBallsThis traditional Italian dish is usually made with spaghetti but I decided to try it with their homemade penne. I find it easier to eat with the penne pasta. Well I was right! Not that it was a hard dish to devour but that the combination was delicious! The fresh tomato sauce with the large meatballs where tasty and fresh. I really recommend Prima Pasta for a good dinner your way.

Tasty Shrimp at The Guinea Club Dinners

SaltAndPepperShrimpI am so excited to be part of The Guinea Club dinners at Addy-licious Kitchen! This group of foodies get together and enjoy amazing dishes from all around the world. Addy creates these amazing and sometimes 5-7 course meals that last 4-5 hours long. Her partner Dawn entertains us with refreshing libations. This Spicy Salt-and-Pepper Shrimp dish that everyone enjoyed made with lemon juice, soy sauce, minced fresh cilantro, sugar and minced garlic. It was served with a citrus-soy dipping sauce at room temperature. Can’t wait for the next adventure at The Guinea Club with Addy and Dawn and the rest of the foodies.

Good Fresh Subs in SOBE

TurkeySubSimple, good  subs on a baguette is what I’m talking about. Le Sandwicherie on Miami Beach is always crowded but you can get your sandwich quickly. Catch some interesting people while you order yours. My Turkey sandwich has all the fresh toppings you can ask for. Pick up a few and head to the beach or after a great swim come by and pick one up. This place has been here since 1988 and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Colorful Roasted Beets

RostedBeetsRed and yellow roasted beets with endive, goat cheese and slivers of oranges. Delicious and very fresh. Well prepared and truly balance with the amount of beets and orange slices that this dish brings. I also would recommend their Seafood Risotto. It was off the chain. Try out Dolce Italian Restaurant at Gale on South Beach.

The Camaronera Style Burrito

ShrimpBurritoFresh and made to order this shrimp with white fish burrito is not only colorful but tasty. The balance between the cheese and the seafood is perfect. You don’t get overwhelmed with crazy amounts of cheese but yet you enjoy its cheesy flavor. The La Camaronera restaurant has been in this neighborhood for a very long time. Go and discover this little restaurant with lots of flavor.

Brunch Buns to Make You Happy!

PorkBuns This coming Sunday try to stop by Khong River House for a great brunch! These rotisserie pork buns are warm and tangy with a little kick. They come with fresh cilantro, cucumber, house made pickles and a spicy vinaigrette on a soft fresh steamed bun. They go well with any of their bottomless bar drinks too.

Soft Mexican Tacos

Soft TacosWhy get fast food Mexican tacos when you can sit down and munch on the real thing for about the same price! These awesome original tacos are from Mi Rinconcito Mexicano located on 8 street in Miami. They come in a variety of different meets to satisfy anyone. You get three to an order and you can combine any of the meats. Here I got the chicken, the carnitas de cerdo (pork) and Mexican sausage! Washed it all down with a cold beer and I was ready to plan my next visit again.

Florida Fresh Clams

clams, steamed, smoked, tomato, grilled, bread, lemon, aioli, morita

This amazing dish was one of the dishes we learned how to make during our Edge Steak & Bar Popup Cooking Class Series with Chef Aaron Brooks. It was really a wonderful treat and easy to make. The outstanding citrus and buttery taste of this dish was well balance and tangy! The grilled bread complimented the sauce and captured the smoky taste of the smoked tomatoes. Truly a winner!