Ceviche That’s Fresh!

Cholo’s Ceviche & Grill in North Miami is one of those hidden restaurants that surprises me. The food here was very good and fresh. The Ceviche Clasico is their nation’s pride and joy and I believe it. The fish was marinated in “leche de tigre“, which is lime juice and aji (a Peruvian hot pepper). Served with red onions, yams…

Golden Risotto

Risotto is one of my favorite dishes. Always comforting and satisfying. They make it so good here. The corn puree with the sea scallops are wonderful together. Made with roasted Florida corn puree and jumbo sea scallops. The name of this dish is Acquerello Risotto at MC Kitchen in Miami Design District.

Chihuahua! Yummy Tacos!

We are all familiar with Pollo al Pastor but are you familiar with Huahua’s Taqueria’s version? Charred pineapple, cilantro, onion, lime crema in a warm tortilla is perfect. You get all the flavors as you enjoy every bite of this taco. Don’t forget to get the Elote grilled Mexican Sweet Corn. It’s to die for.

Flavorful Salmon!

What a treat to enjoy a great lunch at Edge Steak & Bar during Miami Spice! They have a variety of choices to please everyone. This Salmon dish was cooked perfectly and lightly fried with a Romesco sauce to go with it. The white beans with corn and fresh herbs made the dish look amazingly…

Croquetas Corral con Salsa Lulu

To find these amazing crispy flavorful delights in NYC you have to go to Victor’s Cafe. These are smoked ham croquettes that are light and beautifully presented with a true corn husk on your table. The homemade Lulu’s sauce is made of roasted tomatoes and cachucha peppers. The sauce is made perfect for these small bites…