Crudo Love


My newest adventure in dining has been La Savina restaurant at the Mondrian South Beach. With it’s unique lobby with its interesting black staircase makes your experience an Alice in Wonderland trip. The La Savina restaurant is design just as amazing. From the gorgeous Eames Dowel-Leg chairs to the great Biscayne Bay views is enough to make you feel excited about dinner or breakfast. The Crudo’s on their menu are truly fresh and delicious. I recommend to try them all. The Tuna is extremely fresh and beautiful in color. It’s made with romesco and cilantro to really bring out the flavor. The dining experience and the service was excellent!


Mini Pizzettes Full of Flavor

PulledPorkPizzaI went to La Gazzetta in Brickell this past week and really had a surprisingly good dinner paired with attentive service. We had a special six-course tasting menu with wonderful wines for each course. The Asian BBQ Pulled Pork Mini Pizzette was excellent. Great texture and well presented on a board. They also have an Ahi Tuna Sashimi Pizzette too.

Pan-Seared Tilapia

ImageLoving my Blue Apron weekly meals. Every week I get a box with all the ingredients that I need to create amazing and delicious meals at my home. This Moroccan style Pan-Seared Tilapia was delicious and easy. I started with a traditional sauce called chermoula which has cumin, coriander, sweet paprika, citrus and fresh cilantro. To balance the flavors a crunchy cucumber salad with couscous and juicy blood orange segments made the dish perfect. I was very impressed with the flavors and how fresh all the ingredients where.

Tasty Shrimp at The Guinea Club Dinners

SaltAndPepperShrimpI am so excited to be part of The Guinea Club dinners at Addy-licious Kitchen! This group of foodies get together and enjoy amazing dishes from all around the world. Addy creates these amazing and sometimes 5-7 course meals that last 4-5 hours long. Her partner Dawn entertains us with refreshing libations. This Spicy Salt-and-Pepper Shrimp dish that everyone enjoyed made with lemon juice, soy sauce, minced fresh cilantro, sugar and minced garlic. It was served with a citrus-soy dipping sauce at room temperature. Can’t wait for the next adventure at The Guinea Club with Addy and Dawn and the rest of the foodies.

Noodles Full of Deliciousness!

NoodleDishShokudo has done it again. They have a variety of wonderfully made noodle dishes to please anyone. This appetizing dish is new to their menu and it’s called Taiwan Beef Noodle. The slow braised beef is amazing,  mixed with baby bok choy, pickled mustard greens, cilantro, scallion, egg noodle. Very satisfying and flavorful.

Mexican State of Mind

MexicanDrinkThe drink to make your happy hour real happy! Robert Ferrara will make your drink dreams a reality and with this cocktail it’s all true. Made with El Jimador Tequila + Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, fresh pressed watermelon, jalapeño, cilantro, agave nectar and garnished with radishes is sure to please your happy hour at Swine Southern Table and Bar in Coral Gables.

Chihuahua! Yummy Tacos!

AlPastorWe are all familiar with Pollo al Pastor but are you familiar with Huahua’s Taqueria’s version? Charred pineapple, cilantro, onion, lime crema in a warm tortilla is perfect. You get all the flavors as you enjoy every bite of this taco. Don’t forget to get the Elote grilled Mexican Sweet Corn. It’s to die for.

Brunch Buns to Make You Happy!

PorkBuns This coming Sunday try to stop by Khong River House for a great brunch! These rotisserie pork buns are warm and tangy with a little kick. They come with fresh cilantro, cucumber, house made pickles and a spicy vinaigrette on a soft fresh steamed bun. They go well with any of their bottomless bar drinks too.

Colorful Salad Just in Time for Summer!

ImageI’m a crazy man for cool refreshing tomatoes that are plump and bursting with flavor. The color of these tomatoes also enhance the experience of this lovely simple salad. Great for sharing before a lunch or just on its own for one. Fresh heirloom tomatoes with Japanese cucumbers, cilantro and red onions in a vinagrete dressing. It was perfect, light and refreshing. Visit Machiya Modern Japanese Cuisine in Midtown Miami.