Warm Cheesy and Good

Who doesn’t like great grilled cheese? Ms Cheezious has been creating delicious grilled cheeses for a while as a food truck and now recently, they’ve opened up a brick and mortar in the MiMo area of the city. The space is cool and has an incredible backyard area and space for great entertainment and food. If you get the chance to visit, try…

Warm & Cheesy Potato Soup

Nothing like a warm comforting cheesy hardy soup during cold days and evenings. The Cheese Course in Midtown really serves a good one. Topped with bacon, cheddar cheese and chives combined with creamy potato soup will keep you warm and happy. Add one of their good and delicious sandwiches and a una copa de vino…

Good Fresh Subs in SOBE

Simple, good  subs on a baguette is what I’m talking about. Le Sandwicherie on Miami Beach is always crowded but you can get your sandwich quickly. Catch some interesting people while you order yours. My Turkey sandwich has all the fresh toppings you can ask for. Pick up a few and head to the beach or…

Meatball Heaven

Want to get a good meatball? You get three to an order and they come out hot and delicious. The sauce is perfect for dipping your bread and the meatballs are well seasoned sprinkled with cheese. It’s on their snacks section on the menu at Harry’s Pizzeria!

A Better Pizza

This delicious and unique pizza is totally an amazing experience. The slow roasted pork with the fig combination is delicious. With onions, Fontina cheese and arugula really makes this pizza unique. Harry’s Pizzeria in Buena Vista near the Design District makes a couple of really good pizzas to choose from. They also have local beers too.

Afternoon Delight!

Crispy golden fries with a drizzle of truffle oil, shaved Parmesan cheese and lightly salted. Can this be the best tempting side dish anywhere? It was the only dish we all kept picking at. Actually it was the last dish our waiter removed from our table. That good! If you try MC Kitchen in the Miami Design District…

The Camaronera Style Burrito

Fresh and made to order this shrimp with white fish burrito is not only colorful but tasty. The balance between the cheese and the seafood is perfect. You don’t get overwhelmed with crazy amounts of cheese but yet you enjoy its cheesy flavor. The La Camaronera restaurant has been in this neighborhood for a very long…

Babes Homemade Stuffed Pepper

Last night dinner was such an amazing surprise! My Babes made this Mexican stuffed yellow pepper with fresh guacamole and spicy salsa. The different layers of flavors combined with the beautiful colors and textures was amazing. It was surely an amazing dinner. YUM! YUM!

No Hot Dogs Here!

What a better way to celebrate the 4th of July with friends and an amazing sausage dog! No traditional regular dog here just a good tasting chicken sausage to change it up. Greek pasta salads with cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese, onions, kalamata olives and green onions over penne pasta! HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA!

Home is Where it’s at!

I love-making dinner that takes you back to when you where a kid! Making pizza is always a favorite dinner option that we enjoy. On the top rack the left pizza has Basil, Red Bell peppers, Portobello mushrooms, pork sausages, chives and sprinkled with a blend of Italian cheeses. The one on the top right…