Gluten Free Brunch!

For all of those who like the concept of Healthy Regional Cuisine, here is the perfect spot on the beach. Oolite Restaurant is the a place where you can enjoy an array of berry muffins, biscuits, banana bread, coffee cakes and more, all very delicious and surprisingly Gluten Free. The atmosphere is chic and open design. The…

Earl of Harlem

This elegantly refreshing drink is from Red Rooster Restaurant in Harlem! Starting out with Old Grand Dad Whiskey actual Earl Grey tea spiced with Coriander Syrup will surely make your morning sing! Easy to drink and not to shabby for seconds.

Grilled Lamb Sausage

Brunch! Did I say unique, tasty and eye awakening plate! A combination of the perfect golden cheesy bread with grilled lamb sausages and eggs sunny side up with crispy home fries to frame it. Blue Collar is where to go for brunch or whenever you are ready for a good meal.