Frida’s Secret is Out!

MexicanDessertLobaFrida’s Secret is this amazing dessert at Loba Restaurant in MiMo. The dessert has so many wonderful layers of flavors and textures. It’s a Mexican chocolate brownie, azucar! sweet corn ice cream, chocolate corn flakes. It’s a bit spicy, but perfect with the rest of the flavors combined. So now that you know the secret, come in and try it!


Salty, Nutty, Sweet and Warm!


This is just an all around make your day dessert! Warm and delicious, melting as you take your first brownie piece away. Sprinkled with 5 different nuts to give it that texture and flavor that will make you crave it again and again. You might get lucky if you live near a Hillstone restaurant. That’s where I end up when I crave this sweet tooth killer!