Breakfast Packed With GOOD!

Sometimes breakfast can be a heavy meal. Instead of waking you up it makes you go back to bed. This healthy breakfast from Front Porch Cafe on South Beach is full of fresh and tasty fruits, yogurt and granola. After your healthy breakfast you can walk from the restaurant across the street and dive into…

Eggs Cochon

Talking about comfort food! A pair of poached eggs over apple-braised pork debris and an open-faced buttermilk biscuit, finished with Hollandaise was satisfying! The pork was excellent and the eggs on top where delicious. What a treat at The Ruby Slipper Café in New Orleans. ‪#‎sharemyplate‬

A Quaint Breakfast in a City

I love breakfast and when a place makes it feel warm and inviting, it really makes my day better. Le Pain Quotidien is a franchise with the feel of a French country store. Comfortable with tables to make everybody into a family. I had the Seasonal Organic Egg Frittata. Amazing and so satisfying. The French…

A Good Morning!

Sometimes all you need is a good breakfast to start the day! Home fries, bacon, fried eggs and toast with real butter. Make it a good one Peeps!