Tres Leches for Dessert!

After enjoying an amazing burger at LoKal Restaurant in Coconut Grove there is nothing better than to have their Tres Leche dessert. The 3 types of milk are served with an amazing cake topped with fresh berries and bananas. On top of the fruit there is a milk marinade, caramel and fresh whipped cream. They also have…

Frida’s Secret is Out!

Frida’s Secret is this amazing dessert at Loba Restaurant in MiMo. The dessert has so many wonderful layers of flavors and textures. It’s a Mexican chocolate brownie, azucar! sweet corn ice cream, chocolate corn flakes. It’s a bit spicy, but perfect with the rest of the flavors combined. So now that you know the secret, come in and…

Sweet, Light and Sexy!

This amazing sweet and crispy dessert called Sfogliatina Di Caramello was a great end to a lovely James Beard menu by Carla Pellegrino at Touché Miami. It consisted of orange curd Chantilly with fresh raspberries and frizzy lime. It’s always a pleasure to dine and enjoy great drinks at this lovely and sexy rooftop restaurant in the…

Nutella Layered Cake!

This year for Easter I decided to bake a cake for dessert. I made a square cake with four layers. Each layer was a chocolate layer and a yellow cake layer to create the four layers. In between the layers I spread Nutella instead of your typical frosting. Everyone was surprise on how delicious the cake…

Why Wait For Summer!

So have you tried HipPops handcrafted gelato bars? Check their schedule on the website to see where they will be appearing next! The variety of flavors are delicious and dipping them in dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate and covering them with one of their Popping options is tremendous and fun! Love these POPs!

I Love Nutella!

But Panna Cotta Nutella with hazelnut praline I love even more! It was a treat to try this amazing dessert after a good pizza from Harry’s Pizzeria. Nothing beats a good dessert like this. Creamy and very tasty. The praline was crunchy sweet and so delicious. I think I’m craving it again.

Honey Crisp Cannoli

A delicious and surprisingly tasty dessert made of warm stewed strawberries, 25yr balsamic gelato and perfectly crispy Cannoli like you never had them before. Bocce Bar in Midtown is creating good rustic Italian food and they have a Bocce court for you to play. Love it. ‪#‎sharemyplate‬