Trans Europe Express

Good drink to start your brunch. Ingredients: la pommiere calvados, dolin genepy des Alpes, tempus fugit creme de menthe, lime juice, green chartreuse, saline, mint Milk tooth

Stout Ice Cream NOW!

Surprise it is! Refreshing and flavorful ice cream made with banana, fudge sauce and imperial stout ice cream with chocolate shavings and peanuts. At first you get this wonderful creamy chocolate flavor followed by this wonderful stout finish. The bananas and fudge frame the bottom of this curios ice cream. Try Box Park in Miami and…

Reflect and Enjoy Today.

What’s so great about another Friday? The time you will share with friends and family. Take the next sip slowly and capture all the flavors and textures that will bring a smile to your face. Share that smile with whoever is near you and think how precious they are too. Enjoy the weekend Peeps. xoxoxo

Mexican State of Mind

The drink to make your happy hour real happy! Robert Ferrara will make your drink dreams a reality and with this cocktail it’s all true. Made with El Jimador Tequila + Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, fresh pressed watermelon, jalapeño, cilantro, agave nectar and garnished with radishes is sure to please your happy hour at Swine…

Sangría Blanca on Friday

Delicious and surprisingly flavorful! A traditional drink with a twist at Bulla Gastropub in Coral Gables. The twist is cava, a Spanish sparkling wine. In addition the drink has peach schnapps, triple sec, strawberries and blueberries. Refreshing indeed.

To us. Humanity!

Just wanted to celebrate today. A toast to life and the moment with friends and family and anyone you prefer. It’s all those things we all want and love that is so similar and yet so personal. ENJOY the weekend PEEPS!

The Refreshing Bellini!

Not time for brunch yet but a Bellini never fails to refresh my morning breakfast! This fragrant drink was created between 1934 and 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani. Bellini was the name he gave it because of Giovanni Bellini (15th-century Venetian artist) who had a painting of a saint wearing a toga of the same color!…

Friday Happy Hour Ritual

I got that remedy to slow you down from that hump of the middle of the week. Bushmills Irish Whiskey Honey is the one I prefer. Makes you feel manly with a sensitive side. 😉 Sip! Sip! Hurray! Friday is here.

Earl of Harlem

This elegantly refreshing drink is from Red Rooster Restaurant in Harlem! Starting out with Old Grand Dad Whiskey actual Earl Grey tea spiced with Coriander Syrup will surely make your morning sing! Easy to drink and not to shabby for seconds.

Red Sangria with fruit

Always a refreshing way to gather friends and talk about the weather. Refreshing and full of tasty fresh fruits to add to the mix. Love Sangria.