Tres Leches for Dessert!

TresLecheAfter enjoying an amazing burger at LoKal Restaurant in Coconut Grove there is nothing better than to have their Tres Leche dessert. The 3 types of milk are served with an amazing cake topped with fresh berries and bananas. On top of the fruit there is a milk marinade, caramel and fresh whipped cream. They also have great beers to go with your whole dining experience.


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  1. I’m not the biggest tres leches fan but this looks like it might’ve been nice

    1. I’m the same way about Tres Leches but this one was not too sweet and the cake was soaked nicely. The whipped cream was also very good and not fake tasting.

  2. Wha… Our preferences keep turning out to be similar.
    & fake cream, don’t even get me started. If it doesn’t serve the real deal it’s banned from wattwurmnashi land but then, you’d know from the previous courses what to expect

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