Spicy Calamari Salad

ImageThis spicy colorful salad dish is the one to get at Miss Saigon Bistro in Coral Gables. It’s fresh and tangy and the flavors pop from beginning to end. The vegetables are fresh and full of flavor. The calamari was seasoned well and it was a good portion. I really recommend this salad for people who are bored of the same fried calamari that you find everywhere. This is a unique tasting salad that will make your tongue happy! Catch it during Coral Gables Restaurant Week!


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  1. Sidney Moore says:


  2. prisblossom says:

    Hi there! I’m writing a list for USA Today’s 10Best and am in search of an image to use for Miss Saigon. Would you mind if we used your image, giving you proper credit? I can have it link to this blog or another site if you prefer. Let me know, please, thanks!

    1. Hi Pris, that’s very nice for you to ask. Sure you can. You can have it link to my blog. Let me know if you ever need any additioanl images. Thanks!

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